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TW drabble: Need Me To Do Any Attacking, Sir?
legend in his own time
Title: Need Me To Do Any Attacking, Sir?
Author: Cat Moon
Characters: Ianto
Rating: PG-13
Written for: Challenge #574 Attack at tw100
Spoilers: Not unless you haven't watched TW.
Warnings: Mature subject matter
Disclaimer: Torchwood doesn't belong to me
Summary: Ianto wonders about the situation he's gotten himself into.

Need me to do any attacking, sir?

No, Harkness seemed more interested in that hand than anything else. Ianto filed the information away.

One thing he'd quickly learned: Don't offer unless you're willing. Ianto manned the tourist office, did the paperwork, provided coffee and food. He took care of the dry cleaning (yes, the coat did take a battering), playing the Butler to perfection. And still managed to be all but invisible to the team. Except for Jack...

It occurred to Ianto that he was playing a dangerous game with the flirting. Would Jack expect him to follow through with that, too? And if so... would he?

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Definitely a dangerous game, but I doubt that Ianto could have resisted playing it anyway. Jack is too magnetically attractive.

Yeah, definitely couldn't have resisted (just like Jack couldn't resist Ianto). Thanks!

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