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TW Double drabble: Trust Matters
Title: Trust Matters
Author: Cat Moon
Characters: Ianto, Jack, team (mentioned)
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 571: Simple, at tw100
Summary: Ianto's life depends on trust
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
Note: Double drabble.


“Ianto, come on!”

Ianto stood frozen in fear, staring at the others across the endless expanse of bridge.  He wanted to obey, to cross to the other side and join the team.  It should be a simple task.  Just walk across.

Yet...  there were creatures under the bridge.  Trolls, with large teeth and grabby hands, just waiting to snatch him and drag him into the gaping abyss below.

“You have to come to us,” Jack implored desperately.  “We can't come and get you.”

Ianto willed his feet to move.  Turning his head slightly, he could see the bridge disappearing into the void behind him.  Knew if he didn't move he would be swallowed up with it, gone forever.

“Ianto – do you trust me?”

Did he trust Jack?  Enough to risk death?  The answer was simple, and he finally found it easy to do.
Ianto ran as fast as he could, with the bridge closing up behind him.  All he could see where it had once been was a black hole.  At the very last minute he made a leap onto solid ground.

Jack caught him just as the last of the bridge vanished.  “I've got you.”