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TW Double drabble: Communication Breakdown

Title: Communication Breakdown
Author: Cat Moon
Characters: Jack, Gwen
Rating: G
Challenge: #570 Space, at TW100
Summary: Jack seeks relationship advice from an absurd, unlikely, and reluctant source.
Notes: Double Drabble

Communication Breakdown

“He said he wanted space.” Jack spat the word like it was a nasty taste in his mouth. “What do you suppose he meant by that?”

Gwen opened her mouth. Closed it. Opened it again. “Uh, it.. I...” Why was he asking her...? Of all people. For advice. About his... his whatever, with Ianto? Things were different now, she and Rhys were happily married, but still. She tried putting on a sympathetic face, but it was clear Jack was waiting for a verbal answer.

“I think you need to talk that over with him.”

“You mean have a discussion?” Obviously that was even worse tasting then space.

Gwen couldn't help grinning, feeling more at ease. Maybe she'd lucked out with Rhys after all. He wasn't afraid of communicating, was understanding, and he could cook. She tried to imagine Jack making spag bol. Giggled.

“Is this funny Gwen?” Jack asked with an unexpected edge to his voice.

She sobered. “What do you want me to say, Jack? You won't know what he means unless you ask him, and you won't be able to fix it unless you know what it is.”

“I guess you're right,” Jack said.

“So go fix it.”