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TW Double drabble: Better Late Than Never
legend in his own time
Written for challenge 569 Late, at TW100
Characters: Jack/Ianto
Rating: G
Summary: Someone is late...
Notes: Double Drabble.  In the same universe as my “Privilege” drabble

Better Late Than Never

He slipped a finger into the collar that was starting to strangle him, willing the sweat not to fall. He tried to unobtrusively glance at his watch. Started to tap his foot, then stopped. The whispers were getting louder and it was becoming harder to ignore, but he refused to turn his head. Considered homicide, but was unsure who the victim would be.

“Tosser isn't coming,” a voice murmured angrily. Rhiannon.

Ianto wanted to turn and yell, tell them they were wrong. There was a good reason Jack was late. Weevils maybe, or an alien ship.

Rhiannon's hand landed on his arm. “Ianto, love, try calling—”

“He'll be here,” he gritted out through clenched teeth.

He looked down at his watch, observing the seconds go by. Finally bowing to the inevitable, he reached into his pocket for his phone...

A commotion erupted behind him, and Ianto turned to see Jack, resplendent in his tuxedo... except for noticeable dirt on the white shirt, running full tilt, making his usual dramatic entrance.

Jack slid to a halt beside Ianto, looking panicked and regretful. He grabbed Ianto's hand. “Sorry I'm late. Had a flat.”

Ianto rolled his eyes. “Can we get married now?”